Sunday, October 01, 2006

For Sale one Cell Phone Bag

Been creating handcrafted Cell Phone Bags again. This yarn makes each bag different from the rest. I have blues and blacks and pinks yarn and going to get more today so I can tell you want the brand name it is.

I been working on saving my hands again. It seems my hands are older than I am these days, so I do work on simple things like Cell Phone Bags to pass the time away while I think about writing. I work with my hands and think about articles I want to write about it. It seems if my hands are busy then I think a bit clearer. Am I the only one who does things like this I wonder?

Anyway got a friend who wants to see what I have been working on and since I am thinking about selling these, I want your thoughts about these as well. I super dig this yarn!! Its out of Japan really fun to work with. I can't remember the name of it but I am going to get more today so I will be able to tell you want it is later on today. I do not change this yarn the colors you see is part of the yarn itself. That is why I think its so cute! Every Cell Phone Bag I make with this yarn will never been the same. Each Cell Phone Bag handcrafted with this yarn will not be the same.
My question to you is, what would you pay for a Cell Phone Bag that will always be an original?
Your Bag will never be the same as anyone else's! I have patterns for butterflies and flowers that I can make out of beads as well. To really make it yours! May even make it so I can put your name on it in beads. I got ideas, what do you think of my work?

I have given up on contests for a while at least. Here I am willing to give away a FREE TAMZ thats so neat but no one is willing to play along with my little game. Its simple, go to the store, find Oct 2006 Shop Etc magazine. Look close to the back for a page that has the image of TAMZ on it. Tell me the page number and guess what? The TAMZ is yours!
What is so hard about that? TAMZ is great for those who have baby fine hair that are forever standing up no matter how much hair spray you put on them. Its great to use on your bangs to get them to lay flat against your forehead so as to hide a high forehead. Its to great for helping keep your hair parted with making the top hairs lay flat. NOW?? Does anyone want to play along with my little game? If you find the page TAMZ is YOURS!!
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