Friday, April 07, 2006

Mood Nail Polishes for Summer

Its getting to be that time of year again when its time to start showing off your pretty toes again.
Have you got your pedicure yet? If so I got some great colors of mood nail polish you should be checking out this year. With pink being the color for now at least, have you ever tried Hot Pink to Lite Pink Mood Changing Nail Polish? The first time I ever saw mood nail polish I had got pick up Hot Pink to Lite Pink and I tried it out on my toes but I also like glitter too so you can do this neat little trick.
Go ahead and put on to layers of Hot pink to Lite Pink mood changing polish and then over it as a top coat put on either Fushsia Glitter to pink Glitter or Red Glitter to Clear Glitter and what that
does is when your toes are warm all you see is lite pink with little glitter but when your toes are cold you see bright pink with Glitter.
I really dig the wearing the two polishes together like that cause you are changing up the color of the pink and you get glitter with it.
If you don't have either Fushsia Glitter to Pink Glitter or Red Glitter to Clear Glitter then just putting on a layer of any clear polish with Glitter works almost as good. I also only wear the polishes with the glitter on my big toes cause I love showing off!
The whole idea is go ahead and have some fun this year and start showing off your pretty toes! If you not a wearer of Mood Changing Nail Polish or just never tried it before, then be sure to stop by and try some out/
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