Sunday, January 01, 2006

January 1st , 2006

Well 2005 is now gone. Thats its all she wrote! If you were to look back on the year, how would
you feel? Did you do all that you wanted to do? Go all the places you wanted to go? Make more money than the year before? Wait I have to answer that one. Yea I did, could I of made more than I did? I don't know can you say that? How more honest can I be? 2005 had its up and downs and even a few sideways things going on, but it was still a pretty good year.
I did it I got over 3000 visitors to, way to go there, now have 13 articles and 2 poems wrote, not good but not all that bad either, got a second site started and thats right started. Make new friends online and offline as well. Got a new car, Baby my 2004 blue ION way to go there!, still there were a few things I wanted to do that I didn't get to do.
Didn't go on a real vacation, plan on changing that this year, Mom my husband's mom passed away, little hard to talk about that, had a son leave for the ARMY and come home not a member of the armed forces, got his mother's asthma. WOOT! He left again with one girl friend and came home with a new one, still have that one and everything is doing fine with them. My oldest has a job that is now full time and he is shift leader, way to go Derek! Not bad Not bad indeed. Wish they both would go back to school but I can't have everything.
Ok thats just about it now what are your plans for 2006 that you are going to at least try and follow through on? For me:
1- Finish my second site so look for a grand opening there
2- Write more articles and see if I can at least double Decembers traffic without spending more
money than what is needed.
3- This is my biggest one not be so quick tempered, learn to give more and ask for less, take time out for the family more.
4- See if I can at least get $1000. more in profit in one month just one month! Not asking too much you think? That would put me closer to my major goal of making more money than my husband does in one year and its not profit I want it to be his pay before they take anything out.
Side Note: Did you know that if you take the time to write down and share about your goals you have planned that its more ought going to happen than if you just kept it to yourself? Interesting but oh so very true. I don't remember where it was that I hear that but I really feel its the truth.
5- Open up more streams of money making ideas. I already have one of those started and I so want to share it but I don't want to be jinked so keep a eye out for it!
6- Write more articles oh I said that already huh? Ok write more poetry! Where that is something that I been doing for as long as I can remember. I have a new one that I wrote that I think I might share.
Sit down and really think, what are your goals for the coming year? Want to share then? And its within my field then just leave me a comment and I will know what is on your mind.
Ok here you go my latest in poetry, when you are done reading tell me what you think ok?

Out of the Dark

Come out of the dark

I called to him ------

Come see what I see----

I like it here in the dark

He called back to me

Turning his back to me.

Come out of the dark

I called back to him

You have got to see what I see!


He called back to me-----

It’s safe here , in the dark

Why not you come to me?


I called back to him

I like it here in the light

All our friends are here--------

Don’t you want to know what I see?

Not really he called back to me

With his back to me

He starts to walk further

Into the darkness-----------

I don’t like it here in the dark

But you are here so will I be--------

I called to him to wait for me

He stops, He turns to look at me--------

Why are you here? He said to me


You don’t like the dark he says to me

But you are here I said to him

I don’t like the dark, Its very plain indeed

But you are in here and

I want to be with you

I don’t want you to be alone

So in the dark I will be!

If I take your hand

Will you walk with me out of the dark

And into the light?


He asked of me.

Sure! Let us go!

Take my hand, and into the light we will go.

All our friends are there

It’s lot’s of fun you will see!

We walked out of the dark my friend and I

To the cheering of all our friends!------------

He is your mind, afraid and alone

In your mind the light is

Just new ideas, new thoughts, new actions------

Your mind will be afraid

It’s hard to change a way of light.

Take yourself for a walk

To see all the wonders around you---------

Take a good look at yourself and change

One action, One reaction, One thought,

One way of doing things

And you will find that the light

Is life all around you just begging to be

In to light is the wonders as far as

Your eyes can see----------

Don’t be afraid to ask of others for help

For you will find that the dark is

Not a fun of place to be

When you what the light offers you to be------

Author Kim Snyder 2005

There you go, my lastest in poetry! Happy New Year Everyone! God Bless!
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