Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Been reading up on things again

I found that I didn't offer all that I could in my article Nailed! The Truth Behind Discount Nail Salons and what I find out really does need to be added somehow.
I did find out that the new line of nail polish I offer Slimline doesn't have DBP which I been looking into. Its seems that it can cause birth defects in boys only. Not nice stuff if you ask me.

I got my new samples today for my mineral makeup line I am going to be offering. Trying to think of a good name for it. Its amazing stuff thats for sure... Pretty colors I can't wait to open and take pictures of it! I got a few ideas going now..I am going to have a arts and crafts site soon, mineral makeup and I got told I am nuts for doing this, a wedding site! Ok maybe not but I think that there is always room for all ideas. I don't have domain names picked out yet. But I know for sure that Overallbeauty will be part of the name for the mineral makeup.
Its late and I got shopping I need to do off to bed I go and go do what ever you should be doing too..
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