Monday, February 01, 2016

5 Tips to Help Slow Down The Aging Process

Aging is a complex process that involves many areas of your body. It's unlikely that any one product or pill could cure all of the ailments of aging. However, there are things you can do that not only will help you age more slowly but will improve your quality of life.
Your best bet for a long and healthy life is to decide that age is just an number.
As well as check out the following tips:
1. Start by eating a varied and healthy diet. Making sure it includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. Fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins all play a part in keeping your body functioning at its best. Drink lots of fluids to maintain healthy skin and flush out waste. Eating right will help you maintain a healthy weight.
2.Exercise every day. Exercise improves appetite, makes healthy bones, gives you a better emotional outlook and improves digestion and circulation. Exercise makes you stronger and helps you lose weight.
3. Women? Start wearing anti-aging skincare if you are not already doing so.
It will help you feel better about how you look if you know you are doing the best that you can to not look your age number. There are a few really awesome sunscreens available these days!
Eltamd UV Clear SPF 46 Don't forget that sunscreen is one of the number one skincare product you should be using every day!

Now there are even sunscreens with SPF as high as 110! Something never heard of 5 years ago!
4.Quit smoking and avoid second-hand smoke. Smoking has very damaging effects and dramatically increases your risk of getting cancer and heart disease. It can be tough if you are living with a partner that smokes but do what you can.
5.Listen to your body and take care of any little problems before they become big problems. Get screened for diseases such as cancer and heart disease.
The say life really begins after 50, so why not try to be the healthy as possible?
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