Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nail Polish And Simple Care For The Bottles??

I am in of those moods again.. And to share it, I thought I would share some odd things about nail polish, caring for your bottles. Yeah one of those odd moods.

No matter what you paid it, caring for your new found treasure at the drugstore  or that had to have Chanel color of nail polish, caring for the bottle is just had to have is just as important as caring for your nails is. With proper care and storage you can help lengthen the life of your nail polish.
Polish standard shelf life is about 2 years. Now caring for this so they last longer? Well these are a few I came across..
 We have all heard about keeping polish in the refrigerator is a good idea but really that's one big mistake.
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Who ever thought of that idea was nuts especially if you got 100's of bottles!! And who reading this doesn't have that many or more?  All polishes were created in a lab before you get them, they were created tested and developed within a certain ranges of temperature.

 By putting them in the refrigerator you are messing up how the chemicals in the polish work together.
I don't know about you, but my family would get pissed off if I told them:
"Humm  no sorry you can't use the refrigerator any longer, I am storing nail polish in it!" :)
Sure the first application of a cold polish might go on smooth but as your natural body heat warms up the polish on your nails it might begin to change as well as the polish within the bottle. No one likes dealing with bubbling and stringing and gloppy separated mess!!

The photo below was what I did.. This is not a great idea on keeping your nail polish. I mean really who does this? (I did, bad bad me)

 The best way to store them is in a dark cool drawer. Some of the neatest ideas for storage comes from those who love polish so much they blog about it!!
(I bought this at a thrift store for about $10.00. It got really deep drawers but boy can it hold a ton of polishes!)

 Now polishes might look pretty sitting on your desk, just keep them out of the sun cause that can cause some colors to fade. After applying your polish, take time to wipe off around the opening of your bottle and don't use cotton balls a paper towel is better.

A little nail polish remover will remove any polish that might be on the edged helping give your bottle a airtight seal and prolong the life of your favorite polish.
Just a few simple ideas, And to come to think about it, I am starting to run out of room.. Can you believe that? LOL  How do you store your polish?
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