Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mothers's Day!

Each mom today will be given gifts, cards, breakfast in bed made by small children with daddy's help. Some moms will just be thankful that their child off fighting for our freedom is alive another day. Some may even just wish that their child would forgive them for their past, and move on and remember that without their mom they would be here.
What did I get this year? Dirt. No don't laugh my hubby knows that what I love the most is having beautiful roses growing in my front yard. Because of a car accident I have not been able to give my roses the love they need. And right what they need is dirt. Organic rose loving dirt.

So last night we had time and we went to orchard to get a new sprinklehead thing so we can water the backyard when he asked me what I needed for my roses? I told him dirt. So he bought enough dirt that with of help from my son my roses will blooms pretty again. And he bought me moss rose seeds. Moss rose isn't really a rose so I don't know how they got their name but I have a area that needs flowers, so he bought me dirt for that too. Then very quietly told me happy mothers day.

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